Approach, Open


What kind of name
               is a name asking, when the one
spoken to, continually attenuated,

does not speak?

Steady affliction,
               my entire person, this embodiment,
what went missing in the first placeó

self, samara, the winged fruit.

Called also, key.


What follows self?

This slow foment of shape, this semblance,

This sham,
               a ghost-town assembled, seems so spectral,
so fabulous, it will not fadeó
               itís me, itís me, itís meó

The lock fixed in which a voice utters ďturn.Ē


What was intended?

A form
               in which a name could elicit such trembling,
each limb buffeted and broke and separating.

The self now sundered, now apart.

O help me through the fact of you, unfasten
whatever arrives.

Someone wants in.

--Joshua Kryah, 2006

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