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Student Organization and Honor Society in Philosophy

The Philosophy Club is a student organization dedicated to the promotion of philosophical discussion at Northwest.  It also serves as the local chapter of Phi Sigma Tau--a national honor society having as its purpose the recognition of academic excellence in philosophical study, and the promotion of interest in philosophy among the general collegiate public. The honor society was founded in 1930 at Muhlenberg College. Since that time it has grown to over 100 chapters nationwide. Among the activities of the national society is the publication of the journal Dialogue.  (For more information on the national society, click here.)  The Northwest chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, Missouri Tau, was founded under the sponsorship of James Eiswert, who also served as the chapter's first advisor.

Meetings of the Philosophy Club are held throughout the academic year.  Membership is open to all students who wish to be involved in the philosophical community of Northwest.  Over the years The Philosophy Club/Phi Sigma Tau--Missouri Tau has sponsored numerous events of philosophical interest.  Among these are the following:
In addition to these sponsored events, Phi Sigma Tau--Missouri Tau holds an initiation ceremony in the spring of each year, in conjunction with Phi Alpha Theta, the honor society in history.  A speaker in philosophy or history offers a presentation at these ceremonies.

Membership of the Philosophy Club is open to any students with an active interest in philosophy and philosophical discussion. Eligibility for full membership in the national honor society is based on academic history and merit. For further information, see the Letter of Invitation to new members. To be informed about meeting times and other club information contact Richard Field, Faculty Advisor, by calling 562-1296 or sending an e-mail message to

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