Mary D. Shepherd

GS 1677



Research Interests:

         Differential Geometry

         Undergraduate Mathematics Education (Reading Math in particular)



Recent Papers

Differential Geometry:

Line Congruences as Surfaces in the Space of Lines, Differential Geometry and its Applications, Vol. 10, (1999) pp 1-26.


Undergraduate Mathematics Education:

Encouraging Students to Read Mathematics, PRIMUS, Vol. 15(2), June 2005, pp 124-144.


Good Readers Who Are Not Good Readers of Mathematics: A Need for Specialized Reading Strategies, joint with Annie and John Selden, being revised to be submitted in 2008.


   Some Calculus 2 Students Seem to Prefer Procedural Approaches to Exercises over Conceptual Ones, Electronic Proceedings of the Missouri Section of the MAA, 2007




Groups, Symmetry and Other Explorations with Cross Stitch, Electronic Proceedings of the Missouri Section of the MAA, 2007.


Symmetry Patterns in Cross Stitch, chapter for book , Making Mathematics with Needlework, published by A.K. Peters.



Panel on Capstone and One-Semester Research Projects for a Variety of Students, Joint Mathematical meetings, 2008


Notes by Bill Fenton

Grading Rubric and Feedback form from Sr. Barbara Reynolds

Other Sources


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